SpongeBob SquarePants is actually ‘Violent’ & ‘Racist’ Colonizer, claims Professor

29 Dec 2023

SpongeBob SquarePants is actually ‘Violent’ & ‘Racist’ Colonizer, Says Professor

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SpongeBob SquarePants is actually ‘Violent’ & ‘Racist’ Colonizer, states Professor

When you imagine Spongebob Squarepants, one thing to one thinks of is likely that humorous small yellow sponge plus the entertaining Nickelodeon tv show (as well as the film) the character was the star in. However, one academic claims there is nothing to laugh at here because
SpongeBob is really a “violent,” “racist” colonizer

  1. This matters as significant educational work.

    Professor Holly M Barker through the college of Arizona may be the author of the educational paper “Legacies of Violence on Bikini Bottom” which asserts that “SpongeBob SquarePants along with his pals play a part in normalizing the settler-colonial takings of native countries while removing the ancestral Bikinian folks from their unique nonfictional homeland.”

  2. Is actually SpongeBob closer to actuality than we believe?

    She further claims that the show’s setting of Bikini Bottom is clearly a regard to the real-life area of Bikini Atoll inside Marshall isles from inside the Pacific Ocean. The united states government utilized the island for atomic assessment throughout the cool conflict and additionally they relocated locals in order to do therefore. For that reason, she thinks the series is actually responsible for “whitewashing of violent US armed forces activities.”

  3. This is certainly quite intense.

    Fox Information, which reportedly watched the whole paper, released another plant of Barker’s paper which study: “SpongeBob’s presence on Bikini Bottom continues the aggressive and racist expulsion of native individuals using their places (as well as in this case their own cosmos) that allows all of us hegemonic powers to extend their particular military and colonial passions into the postwar age.”

  4. Its all about the symbolism.

    Barker also takes issue making use of figures’ cultural appropriation associated with indigenous individuals of the Pacific because SpongeBob along with his buddies often wear Hawaiian shirts and figures are now living in massive pineapples or Easter isle minds.

  5. It was not the creators’ error.

    She acknowledges that it’s not likely that SpongeBob creators had all this in mind when imagining the program, but she however thinks they ought to accept these issues now that they are pointed out because “Bikini Bottom and Bikini Atoll were not [the article authors’] for any accepting.”

  6. Think about the youngsters!

    Barker concerns that viewing SpongeBob SquarePants causes kiddies to “become culturally acculturated to an ideology which includes the US fictional character SpongeBob living on another individuals homeland.” Many would state this really is not too deep, but Barker insists this is certainly a genuine concern.

  7. SpongeBob should push you to be uneasy.

    Barker shuts her paper as follows: “We should be unpleasant with a hamburger-loving American area’s job of Bikini’s lagoon plus the options it erodes every aspect of sovereignty.” Whether you go along with the lady, I suppose it really is interesting to consider.

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