Waiting a moment, hold the screw right up!

11 Jan 2024

Waiting a moment, hold the screw right up!

[Verse 2: Apache] Right here arrives problems and it is all that, in reality contact You may be next regarding kin, buddy, proceed with the disperse structure When you sneak, I grabs so expect you’ll score bruised Ask myself if i give a bang cos We isn’t had shit to shed Bang around, place up to as well as have stuck up Your defeat me personally? ) My personal dick! Let me know, is it some sort of tournament? I slash ya fuckin lead out of and use it since an excellent Christmas tree ornament Started and present me personally an examination anyone who claims become the best Simply leaves that have a 40-lower than impact towards their bust Banged right up, got caught, go press their fortune Both of his ft had been utilized in straight back away from a trash vehicle Direct found in the club of a limosuine With the rest of their body at the a dump-webpages inside the Queens Damn guy, Mr. Handman, you like braggin Ya banged upwards, produced a wrong turn and inserted the brand new dragon We said I am out over stem, Last nigga attempted myself, died Grams, believed my personal tomahawk Apache, that’s me, I’m gettin rappers’ ass 1 motherfuckin 2 motherfuckin step three


The new Goat. G. Welcome to my personal cardio Honies getting it strong in they placenta Cooler just like the rod in the cold weather Away from new maker, but I experienced so it rap crap sewed And in case my personal Mac computer unloads I’m protected a different video clips Prepared to pass away, why We act in that way? Pop Duke kept Mommy Duke The newest faggot took the rear means So rather than makin hoes suck my personal penis upwards I utilized to accomplish adhere-right up Cause hoes try irritatin like the hic-Servings Excuse me, flows merely develop compliment of me Including trees to help you branches High cliffs so you can avalanches It will be the hoping mantis Strong including the notice out-of Farrakhan A great motherfuckin rap phenomenon, as well as

Easily is actually deaf, dumb, blind, stupid, lame Disabled, crippled and you can “pussy” try my personal middle identity You failed to overcome me personally advanced, breeze that shoulder such as for example a good Chico stick I know who will getcha brief (Which?

(I experienced significantly more glocks and you will techs than simply you) We succeed very hot (Nigga wouldn’t also stay next to you) Nigga touch me personally your better boobs myself tree moments in the head Otherwise motherfucker’s dead, ya think very

[Eminem] There is georgian kvinnor dejta various levels to Devil worshippin: horse’s brains, person sacrifices, cannibalism; candles and you can exorcism Pets having sex with ’em; camels mammals and you may rabbits But I do not get into one to, We give up smoking – I simply, defeat you to definitely passing having weapons one to consume from tissue And i also never eat you until the newest fucking, meats appears fresh I got a beneficial lion during my wallet, I’m sleeping, I experienced good 9 in my own pouch and you can baby I’m only, passing away to help you cock your He is in a position having battle, I am in a position having battle I got machetes and swords for all the faggot having said that he was intense My uz’ because the, hefty once the your own personal, yeah you met me in advance of I simply didn’t have as the large a toolbox out-of weapons prior to Marshall have a tendency to step in the door, I set your head on the ground Along with your human body spread for the bedspread, purple on wall structure yellow for the ceiling, yellow on the floor, score a special slut Came across towards second, damp into the third; then this woman is dry with the next – I am dry completely wrong

Back when We always buy loads of hip hop information, and cassettes towards the walkman, it was those types of tracks that clearly decorated just what cool jump try exactly about, inside a fantastic many years before most of the crap that is peddled due to the fact rap these days.